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  • grctools in a nutshell


    we provide smart, safe and affordable compliance applications


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  • about us

    smart instead of big

    Any compliance professional needs tools and systems in order to be effective. Looking at the market for grc applications you will quickly get an impression that the market is dominated by BIG solutions for BIG companies and BIG money. This is what we wanted to change when we launched grctools. Simply because legal requirements do not make a distinction by size of company. In a multi-stakeholder approach with NGO's, public and private organiaztions we identified basic needs in terms of tool support for smaller and medium sized companies. This led to a catalogue of applications that serve all basic needs of a compliance professional. ispeakup and bpcheck are the first available (and smart) products from this catalogue.

  • solutions

    smart and powerful grc solutions


    safe whistleblowing and case management

    Employees are the eyes and ears of any company, they see and hear everything that goes on within, including inappropriate behavior and who is involved in perpetrating it. Providing individuals with a means to report suspicious activity is a critical part of any compliance program. ispeakup is a safe way to address and manage compliance reports.


    compliance checks on third parties

    Many laws have extended the criminal liability of company officers for bribery and other unlawful acts committed by "associated parties", like agents, distributors and other intermediaries. In order to seek shelter from legal risks and prosecution companies must prove that they have a diligent and systematic process of checks for new business partners in place.

  • About ispeakup

    A safe and affordable approach to whistleblowing


    The most important commitment we have is to the security of your data. This commitment touches every part of our infrastructure, our product, and our corporate policies. All data is encrypted, both on our servers as well as in transit. Whistelblower enjoy full protection of their identity, if they want to remain anonymous.


    ispeak up is a pure web service. Our experience is that outside of North America less than 10% of compliance reports are made via phone, whereas 80% of the cost for operating a whistleblower system stems from providing phone access including all related services (i.e. translation). This saves a lot of money for the operation of the service from a customer point of view and gives us the means to invest in our safe and super reliable cloud service.


    ispeakup is built on the expertise of compliance profeesionals that have served many years in compliance roles of multinational companies. It has been designed to make compliance reporting for employees an easy and safe experience. At the same time ispeakup captures the requirements from the company perspective and gives inernal case managers and investigators a smart tool to document and manage reports.

  • stats & figures on corporate whistleblowing

    from ACFE report to the nation 2012


    of all fraud cases are detected by a tip. Internal whistleblowing mechanisms can significantly help increasing the number of tip-offs and detect more fraud.


    of all employees would report misconduct when they saw it and when they had a safe communication channel.


    smaller is the average damage from fraud for those companies who operate an internal whistleblowing system compared to companies who do not.

  • Impressions: ispeakup



    Easy, fast, safe

    Employees who want to make a compliance report can do this via our safe ispeakup online portal. They can decide how much protection they want. Reports can be submitted anonymously or by revealing the identity of the sender. The entire data entry menu can be fully customized. A typical set up with location information, case category, description and upload option for supporting information is shown here.

    At a glance

    strong in visualization

    Internally, investigators need a quick overview about incoming reports and all related information, including status updates. Dashboard and graphs guide them to what is new and important.


    of your data

    ispeakup comes with a complete case management system. Investigtors have all they need to process reports and to document investigations. By default all tables can be searched by a strong filter function including the option to combine search terms.


    ispeak is communication

    ispeakup allows safe communication between the whistleblower and the investigator. This is crucial to allow for an effective investigation process. Both sides (employees and investigators) can be notified by email about new activities in the system. All activities are tracked and logged.


    customized to your needs

    ispeakup has almost no limits when it comes to customization. This begins with the look and feel, the URL, your logo, access rights and includes all data fields and tables you need in your system. Net, it brings all flexibility to reflect your individual needs.

  • About bpcheck

    the smart way for third party due diligence


    bpcheck is a smart and fully cloud-based system to run checks on potential business partners. Third parties complete a web-based questionaire comprising company and compliance information. The entire set up of the questionnaire can be fully customized and is designed to detect red flags attached to the third party.


    bp check will run an automatic assessment on the information provided by the third party. Compliance critical information is automatically identified, scored and highlighted. Compliance Officers have all information they need to approve or reject the potential business partner. All information is tracked and archived in the system.

  • impressions: bpcheck


    the business partner compliance risk at a glance

    bpcheck automatically identifies and scores risks related to the information provided by the business partner. This does not only include the common parameters like CPI, but it goes beyond: smart technology allows putting information in the right context and to calculate ratios: For instance, "public sales score" and "sales per head risk" are calculated by the system on the provided information. At a glance the compliance officer can check the overall compliance risk of a potential partner and draw the right conclusion.


    full control over the selection process

    with BP check you have full transparency over how a business partner was selected. Moreover, it provides for the necessary approval and monitoring functions in over the entire life cycle of a business partner relationship.

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